close of K[no]w Places

Life and Limb has now ended our run of K[no]w Places at the Rhubarb festival. Many thanks to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and the organizers of the festival. It truly was a great experience.

Our last performance was a return to our roots of improvisational based public interventions. Forty-five minutes before the start of our final performance we learned that the subway was closed for repair. Since a large section of our performance was to take place while traveling on the subway some last minute adjustments needed to be made. What emerged was an improvisational procession from the Yonge and Dundas St. intersection up Yonge St. to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Along the way some fantastic things happened. Revolving doors, store window displays, chain link fences, store entryways, and every sidewalk, street corner and passerby provided us an opportunity to revel in, explore, and disrupt our lack of connection to and knowledge of public spaces. Many thanks to our audiences (both intentional and accidental) who were so generous in their support despite the cold (with the exception of one accidental spectator who was not so kind at all). Check out some pics of the performance by clicking on the flickr sidebar. More pics and videos to come in the near future. If you have any pics of videos that you would life to share feel free to send them along.

We’ll keep you posted about upcoming performance.

All the best until then.

b. for L&L

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